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About Us

We believe in developing students’ creative gifts and providing opportunities for them to flourish. Our preschool for ages 3-5 is a comprehensive Christian Performing Arts program which includes ballet, tap, tumbling, music and art. 

DSPACP is  Located within Dancer's Studio where our facility features four clean, comfortable, fun, and inviting classrooms. We are a fully equipped dance, performing, and fine arts studio! The building is designed so students can move easily throughout the day while engaging in hands-on activities, promoting learning and discovery. DSPACP curriculum is designed by the Performing Arts Preschool Director and staff. The curriculum is finely tuned to the developmental stages of preschoolers, and nurtures analytical and creative learning.

Curriculum designed for the whole child. Our preschool classes provide an engaging pathway to cognitive development in young children. In addition to strengthening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, students learn color, shape, number and pattern recognition. We will also practice independent work and problem solving skills. Equipped as a working performing arts studio, DSPACP offers children, ages 3 and up, the opportunity to experiment with a broad range of fellowship and art through music, props, dance, crafts, and more – all while rejoicing in God!

  • DSPACP is a Christian program and a Bible lesson will be taught daily.

  • Mondays our students will attend their ballet dance class. 

  • Tuesdays our students will attend their tap dance class.

  • Wednesdays students will attend their acrobatics (tumbling) class.

  • Each child will need to bring a table-ready nut-free snack and a nut-free lunch and a water bottle each day. Our policy is we do not warm up/microwave any meals due to potential heat spots or burn concerns. We are not responsible for the nutritional value of the meal that you provide.

  • One of the best advantages of our program is your child will be able to have their activities during the day allowing your family more time to enjoy your evenings together!

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